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We work with each and every patient to provide them with their required chronic and acute medications in an efficient manner. No wait is necessary based on the patient’s method of payment. In many cases the patient cannot afford their medications, our pharmacist and technicians stay in direct contact with the physicians and working with the patient, so that patient will never have to worry about being off their medications.

Life drugs accepts all major insurances, Medicare and Medicaid.

Life Drugs provides the patient with all different quantities of medication as prescribed by the doctor. Patients can receive up to three months of medications a one time.

When a patient is running low on a medication a courtesy call is given to the patient reminding them that they are running low and that a refill is required.

Patient Care

Our pharmacy strives to obtain patients compliance with all medication, courtesy calls are made to verify dosage, and to make sure the patient has obtained a follow up visit with their physician.